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Welcome to Compound Care Pharmacy…
Unique formulations for unique patients.

Compound Care Pharmacy is a PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy founded on the promise to deliver the highest quality custom pharmaceutical compounds to people and their pets.  Located in Loxley Alabama, we have been servicing the Gulf Coast region since 2004.  Because our formulations are focused on unique and specific needs we deliver them with highly personalized service, right down to individual patient consultation and follow-up.

We commonly receive compounded prescriptions for: bioidentical hormones ( menopause, andropause); pain relief remedies (neuropathic, joint & arthritic, fibromyalgia, back, neck, knee, foot, TMJ, carpal tunnel, CRPS, RSD, muscle); dermatologic conditions (fungal infections, warts, acne, wounds, psoriasis, eczema, radiation burn, scarring, skin and diabetic foot ulcers); dental problems (canker sores, pain syndromes, intraoral infections); physical therapy (iontophoresis solutions, phonophoresis solutions, transdermal and topical plo gels); as well as specialized veterinary medications (flavored chews, transdermal gels, creams, capsules, liquids, otics, opthalmics and suppositories).

Whether you’re a physician or a patient looking for a compounding specialist to prepare your custom medication, you’ve come to the right place.


The well-known consumer advocacy group, the Consumer Federation of the Southeast (CFSE), urges consumers to educate themselves about viable options, such as compound pharmacies, when in need of prescription pain medications.  Consumers should ensure the pharmacy is fully accredited. 

Consumer Federation of the Southeast Lauds Industry Efforts to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse


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