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Physical Therapy

We are a leading provider of compounded medications often used in Physical Therapy including Iontophoresis Solutions, Phonophoresis Gels and Transdermal PLO Gels. 

Iontophoresis and Phonophoresis are techniques commonly used in Physical Therapy that offer substantial benefits for the transdermal delivery of anesthetics and many anti-inflammatory medications, both non-steroidal and corticosteroids.   These procedures are considered to be clinically effective, painless and safe, and are routinely used to treat inflammatory conditions of muscles and tendons, such as bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and so on.

Iontophoresis facilitates the delivery of medications by increasing penetration into the tissues beneath the skin by electronic transport of ionized drugs in solution.

Commonly Used Iontophoresis Medications:
Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Solution
Ketoprofen Solution
Acetic Acid Solution
Lidocaine Solution
Gabapentin Solution
Baclofen Solution
Magnesium Sulfate Solution

Phonophoresis combines ultrasound with topical drug therapy to achieve therapeutic drug concentrations in muscle and other tissues beneath the skin.

Commonly Used Phonophoresis Medications:
Hydrocortisone UltraSound Gel
Ketoprofen UltraSound Gel
Dexamethasone UltraSound Gel
Dexamethasone/Lidocaine UltraSound Gel
Fluocinonide UltraSound Gel

We pride ourselves on competitive pricing – compare us to others.  And remember to always make sure your compounded solution and gels are formulated using the highest of quality standards – order from a PCAB Accredited Pharmacy.

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