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Wound Care

A wound occurs when the integrity of tissue is compromised.  Several effects may result with the occurrence of a wound: immediate loss of all or part of organ functioning, sympathetic stress response, hemorrhage and blood clotting, bacterial contamination, and death of cells.

Wound Care compounding can involve the combination of multiple medications applied topically in various forms, such as gels, sprays and powders.  Compound Care Pharmacy prepares compounded medications with 2 goals in mind:

  1.  Prevent wound complications
  2.  Promote wound healing
To achieve these goals, our pharmacy has the ability to prepare topically applied medications with ingredients that have been shown to –
Stimulate new tissue growth
Reduce pain and inflammation
Discourage bacterial overgrowth
Increase blood flow

Common agents used in compounded wound care formulas include:
Aloe Vera
Phenytoin Sucralfate
Tea Tree Oil
Benzoyl Peroxide
Calcium Channel Blockers
Hyaluronic Acid

Compounded medications are commonly prescribed for:
Skin Ulcers
Diabetic Foot and Leg Ulcers
Anal Fissures
Malignant Cutaneous Wounds
Hypertrophic Scars

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