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We compound these formulations specifically to“fit” your needs making them truly Your Products!

Areas of Focus

According to the American Pain Foundation, there are more than 50 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, or 25 million experiencing acute pain as a result of injury or surgery.  Plenty of options exist to ease aches. Read more.
Compound Care Pharmacy can offer treatment options reflecting the patients need to maximize mobility. Many times painful foot conditions such as diabetic neuropathies, gout, heel pain, burning feet, rheumatoid arthritis, and plantar fasciitis cannot be treated adequately with commercially available products. Because these conditions can be so difficult to treat, our pharmacy is called upon by many Podiatrists to formulate customized medications to satisfy specific needs of individual patient’s. Read more.
More and more athletic trainers and physicians are turning towards compounding pharmacies to formulate customized medications for athletes incurring sports related injuries.  This includes athletes of every type, whether professional, amateur or an exercise junky, suffering from acute or chronic injuries resulting from repetitive sports. Read more.
A wound occurs when the integrity of tissue is compromised. Several effects may result with the occurrence of a wound: immediate loss of all or part of organ functioning, sympathetic stress response, hemorrhage and blood clotting, bacterial contamination, and death of cells. Read more.
Hormones that are bio-identical have a molecular structure that is the same as hormones produced in the human body. The term “bio-identical” refers to the chemical structure and not the source of the hormone. When used as a form of hormone replacement therapy for menopause, a woman’s body cannot distinguish between hormones that are bio-identical and hormones it produces itself as they both produce the same physiological responses. Read more.
Animals, like humans, can benefit from custom compounding. Compound Care Pharmacy can compound specialized veterinary medications to meet the unique needs of each animal. We can produce a wide variety of pet medications including flavored chews, transdermal gels, creams, capsules, liquids, otics, opthalmics and suppositories. Compound Care often compounds medications that are commercially hard to find or discontinued; but are still vital to veterinary medicine. Read more.
Compound Care Pharmacy customizes medications to the meet the unique needs of Dentists and their patients. Dentists turn to compounding when commercially available medications become unavailable due to discontinuation or out-of-stock issues, to combine medications to be more effective, or to change the dose and/or delivery route. Read more.
Compound Care Pharmacy commonly prepares unique dermatologic formulations that physicians develop to meet specific needs for their patient population. Dermatologists prescribe compounded medications for a variety of reasons. Read more.
The goal of Palliative Care is to relieve suffering and provide the best possible quality of life for patients and families. Doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, chaplains, massage therapists and nutritionist are often part of the team of experts that provide palliative care. Read more.
We are a leading provider of compounded medications often used in Physical Therapy including Iontophoresis Solutions, Phonophoresis Gels and Transdermal PLO Gels. Read more.

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